Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Can Honestly Never Go Wrong With A Loose Fitted Striped Sweater

Outfit: Sweater - H&M, Shorts - F21, Boots - Soda

Kind of  an unconventional staple I think every woman should supply in their closet is a loose fitted striped sweater. I have a couple and they get worn quite often. Its such a great item for all seasons because I will wear it in the Spring with shorts, throw it over a suit in the Summer, wear it over leggings in the Fall and bundle it up in the Winter with a scarf and jacket. I love them. Whenever I see a good on one a rack I almost always buy it because what if something happened to one I already have?


  1. I love your sweater and it looks lightweight too which is good for the cooler spring/summer days. You look really cute.

  2. I agree with the title. :) Cute look!


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