Friday, September 30, 2011

The Last Bit


 Outfit: Shorts - H&M ($5), Top - Cotton On ($10)

So the weather has been very sporadic lately. Some days it is ninety-five out and somedays it's a cool seventy. However, more times than not the weather still feels like a very hot summer season and as excited as I am to pull out boots and leggings, I've decided to soak up this hot weather as long as I can. I guess the jeans, leggings and boots will have to wait.

I bought these shorts on sale at H&M recently (can you believe they were $5?) and I was so pleased to find that they were actually flattering on. It's quite a change to go from jean cut-offs to high-waisted, pink and pleated shorts. However, these shorts are a perfect example of how you can make shorts look a bit dressy. While this look is still quite casual, it seems a bit more put together than low-waisted cut-offs. 

Either way I have been resisting this hot weather in anticipation for a cooler Fall, but there will be plenty of cold weather ahead of me so I will enjoy this last bit of heat with sun dresses and shorts. 

What are your feelings on this high-waisted shorts?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Missoni Dress

I'm sure you all remember how excited I was when I spent the morning at Target Missoni shopping! Well please let me introduce you to one of my five lovely pieces I purchased that day, this Missoni sweater dress. I had had my eye on this dress ever since I saw the lookbook Missoni released, so I was more than thrilled when I saw that my Target got this item in stock (for about 30 minutes).

I've been wearing this dress in warmer weather just because I love it so much, but I really can't wait for it to cool down so I can pair it with leggings, tights, boots, socks, turtlenecks, etc.

I woke up at 5am to wait in line for Missoni that Tuesday morning (we were first in line) and if I had only left with this dress I would have been happy. Unfortunately for my wallet, I decided I needed four other items as well. But I still maintain that the money, the time, and the sleepiness was well worth it :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Very Bright Fall

Outfit: Sweater - H&M ($2), Oxfords - Target ($18), Button-Up - Forever 21 ($15), Clutch - H&M ($12)

I know people tend to think you can't bring bright colors into fall or winter, however, I 100% disagree. The other day while sale shopping at H&M I came across this cropped, button-up sweater in both green and black. Nine times out of ten I pick the black one, however, one of the most scarce colors in my closet is green so I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased the green one. 

I am so glad I got the green one because I love wearing bright colors with neutrals during fall and winter. Last year, I bought a bright pink sweater and I wear it all the time when it is cold. It's also quite fun to stand out in a sea of nude during cool seasons. 

So my friends, make sure you hit the store selling summer looks for extremely low prices. You may just find something you can wear all year round :)

P.S. I love this buttoned up school boy look. Such a refreshing change from the "school girl" look you often see. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

On A Day Like Today

Outfit: Jacket - H&M ($40), Shorts - Forever 21 ($18), Top - Cotton On ($16)

I know a lot of my posts feature outfits of mine that are a bit dressy for everyday looks (I am often the most dressed up in a lot of situations and places I go). However, I have received some feedback from you guys asking for some more casual looks. Yesterday, I had the day off and I had such a lovely time laying out enjoying the last bit of summer and then hitting happy hour for margaritas with friends. I decided to pull my jean cut-offs out because the time window I have to wear them is dwindling.

As it got later in the day I pulled out one of my favorite jackets. It is a double breasted sweatshirt blazer I picked up from H&M last spring. Honestly, one of my favorite purchases. Its such a great way to incorporate a casual jacket with a dressed up style. I also can not get enough of the striped inside :)

I'm wearing some of my favorite summer flats in this outfit, as well. They are a sort of nude slip moccasin I got on sale at Steve Madden probably seven years ago. Don't you just love finding things in your closet that you bought years ago, but are still completely cute?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skin Pop

 Outfit: Skirt - Anthropologie ($9.99), Top - Forever 21 ($20), Heels - Jessica Simpson ($20)

Who ever said the more skin you show, the sexier you are clearly didn't have much fashion sense. This outfit has a longer hem and a turtle neck, yet, I still felt extremely sexy in it. It probably has to do with the fact that my tight black turtle neck has a beautiful round opening in the back. It is such an exciting and unexpected pop of skin that, while I'm pretty covered up, I still feel beautiful. 

Sometimes outfits with an usual opening of skin showing can be more sexy that letting it all hang out (not to mention much more classy). And just for fun I added red pumps to the mix, for the added "oomph". 

I love these longer hem skirts and can not wait to transition them into fall with leggings and booties :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Haze

Outfit: Dress - LC($32), Jacket - Old Navy($30)

Summer is winding down and the temperature has dropped just a bit. I am finding myself living in this cotton maxi dress. I absolutely love how comfortable it is; I often feel like I am wearing pajamas. In the morning when I am out the door (and haven't picked out my outfit beforehand) I always reach for dresses. Starting in about February, when hem lengths in stores begin to rise, and ending in October, when all Summer sale is gone, I pick up as many cute casual dresses as possible. They are always so easy to throw on, add some accessories and then be ready for the day.

I am always surprised when I go to friends houses and find they are so low on casual dresses because it would be hard for me to live without them! This maxi dress is LC by Lauren Conrad and I love experimenting with it. I often tie up one side to add texture to the dress and on cooler days I throw a cropped black sweater over it. I love that look for fall by the way; I suggest investing in a crop sweater to throw over your maxi dress to make then fall appropriate. The look is very cute.

Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Girly Afternoon

Outfit: Skirt - H&M ($19), Top - Anthropologie ($30), Wedges - Jessica Simpson ($18)

I'm sure many of you have noticed that my style changes day to day. Sometimes I will sport combat boots and a Disney shirt and other days I am all about florals. Fashion is way to much fun to limit yourself to one particular style.

This past weekend I was feeling very girly. This white lace top I picked up at Anthropologie on sale and it has instantly become one of my favorite tops. Between the lace shoulders and the scalloped bottom  this top is an effortless piece that can amp up any outfit. I am always on the lookout for dresses or tops that you can throw on quickly and instantly look chic and put together.

This top is slightly cropped so I paired it with a high-waisted pleated skirt and white wedges (yes I wore white shoes after Labor Day, that rule is outdated). I also want to mention that a lot of my jewelry I buy for extremely low prices at Forever 21 and I am constantly getting complements everywhere I go. The silver ring I am wearing has painted peacock feathers in the middle and people always think I got it at some jewelry boutique. Little do they know it was $3.99. BUT you must be careful when bargain jewelry shopping at Forever 21, seven pieces of jewelry under $10 can easily add up to $50. This happens to me often, so I advise you all to beware...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leopard Courage

Outfit: Top - H&M ($12.95), Skirt - Forever 21 ($15), Necklace - H&M ($12.95), Flats - Target ($10)

This past weekend my Mom and I had a little date doing something I love almost as much as shopping (sort-of), wine tasting. Lucky for us, there is a gorgeous little wine country about thirty minutes away from our house. At one of the wineries we stopped at there was a beautifully restored Victorian home that I later found out had actually been transported onto the property. Did you know that they can literally transport entire homes?

The home was so gorgeous I had to pretend it was mine for ten minutes and take a few pictures. I love adding a few exciting elements to my outfits. One of the easiest ways to do that is by adding leopard pieces to your wardrobe. I bought these flats a few years ago and I can say with all honestly that they match just about everything in my closet. To me, leopard print is as much as a closet staple as a little black dress. Even if your leopard piece is something as little as the shoes on your feet or a large fur coat, leopard print adds a flirty, sexy vibe to any outfit. In the words of Rachel Zoe:

 "I think every women should have a piece of leopard, but not every women will wear leopard. You have to have courage to wear leopard."

So come on ladies (and fellas), lets pull that leopard out of our closets and strut our stuff. Show the world just how courageous we are :)

P.S. - I had to post this picture of my stylish mother. After a couple wine tastings, she got pretty courageous as well. Check out her fabulous wedges I picked out for her (thank goodness we are the same shoe size).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fashion Day Off

Hi All!

Just wanted apologize for not posting today, but as many of you know Missoni for Target was released today and I needed to get up bright and early in order to purchase the goods. First in line it, it was such a fun experience and I can not wait to show you all the amazing pieces I bought.

All the items are made beautifully and you can definitely tell the quality in the sweaters, dresses and tops. Missoni and Target hit it out of the park with this one.

Stay tuned and thank you :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Size Is Only A Number

Outfit: Top - Antrhopologie ($9.99), Skirt - LC ($12), Belt - H&M ($10)

I remember the days when I was obsessed with what size my clothing was. Almost to the point where I would stop myself from buying something I had wanted because, "There's no way I'm THAT size." Well the past few years I have learned something magical that has changed my confidence and wardrobe.

Size doesn't matter.

I've come to the point where it is truly just a number or word. In fact, I often find myself sizing up just because I am really into oversized clothing lately (blame Rachel Zoe). It's quite wonderful actually because when I want a shirt that a store doesn't have in my exact size I never fret because I just buy a large. The lilac shirt I am wearing above is, in fact, a large. I fell in love with the slouchy pockets and cut-out back, so when I only saw it available in a large I didn't think twice and bought it.

My fashion lesson of the day is to not be afraid of what the tag says on your clothing because it may end up limiting you. I am a firm believer that women of any size can look fashionable and fabulous. It's all about confidence :)
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