Sunday, January 29, 2012

Missoni Luggage and Bib Necklaces

Outfit: Top w/ Belt - F21, Wedges - H&M, Bag - Missoni for Target, Pants - Anthropologie, Watch - Michael Kors.

When I went to Target that Tuesday morning for Missoni, I found this luggage bag and because I was already buying so much, my guilty conscious forced me to let go of the bag. However, I happen to have the best boyfriend in the world who found it at a Target in Utah and bought it for me. I'm not really sure how I could have lived without it (ever feel that way about fashion?). I use it every time I travel and even as a bag. I'm slightly obsessed with this color combination.

I also want to mention how much I love bib necklaces under the collar of a button-up top. I especially love how this necklace has chains hanging from large stones. Forever 21 always has some amazing necklaces for this look. Well, they have some amazing costume jewelry in general. I find whenever I wear their jewelry I get so many compliments. Surprisingly, I find many people still don't think to look at Forever 21 for jewelry. To say they are missing out is an understatement.

As I am writing this, I just saw the cutest Jason Wu for target commercial. February 5th! It's so close!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Floral and Stripes

Outfit: Top - Zara, Necklace - Forever 21, Jacket - Old Navy, Watch/Bracelet - Michael Kors, Jeans - Joe's Jeans, Wedges - Aldo

I love mixing patterns. As I have mentioned before, my favorite pattern to mix with is stripes because I feel like you could throw any pattern with it and it would go. This striped top, however, is not just any striped top. If you notice the shoulders, they are pinned and tucked under, creating a pointed look. I am so obsessed with this look. This is a top I would have bought in several colors, but unfortunately it was only available in stripes. I am happy I at least got this one.

Now on to the shoes. I walked into Aldo the this weekend and saw these shoes on the sale rack. I knew exactly why they were on the sale rack - they are velvet, floral, pointy toe wedges. Most people shy away from shoes like these, however, I was attracted to them. I think if more people at least tried these shoes on, they would be able to see their potential. I love every aspect of them.

Is anyone else loving this pointed toe as much as I am?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missoni Scarf

Outfit: Scarf - Missoni, Boots - Cathy Jean, Leggings - H&M, Jacket - Target, Poncho - H&M, Hat - Old Navy

It has been a while since you guys have seen Chewy and I figured you needed a fix :)

As you all know I purchased several items from the Missoni for Target collection and I love every piece. Before christmas, I stumbled upon this scarf while shopping. It is not a Missoni for Target piece, it is simply Missoni, however, I absolutely fell in love with it and decided it would be my christmas present to myself. 

Black and white goes with everything, but what I really love about this scarf is the way it sporadically changes from mostly black to mostly white throughout the scarf. It as if there are puddles of black and white. It is quite beautiful. I know I say this a lot but I wish you could see what I mean in person.

Its is clearly classic Missoni zig zags, but the zig zags are imperfect. This is exactly what makes it the perfect piece for me :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adidas NEO Label

Outfit: Purse - Adidas NEO, Jeans - Joe's Jeans, Wedges - Deena & Ozzy, Blazer - H&M, Top - Zara

This week I received a blogger gift package from Adidas NEO label and I got the absolute cutest stuff. What I really enjoyed about the gift was that it wasn't just clothing, it contained fun items that really represented what the brand is all about. The new division of Adidas is all about crazy fun and the items I received were exactly that. I mean check out the cute USB I received! I also really love the coffee table book that was included.

My favorite piece in the package was this purple purse. I'm in love! I really love cobalt and purples this season so it is just perfect. Last weekend when I went to San Francisco I picked up this shirt from Zara and I just love the combination of the purple purse and cobalt blazer with it. I also want to quickly mention that I think everyone should save up and own a pair of Joe's Jeans. I just bought these and I can not take them off. They are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I own. The literally feel like leggings. They were well worth every penny!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Versace Leather Jacket

Photos by Andrew Arnold

 Outfit: Jacket - Versace for H&M ($299), Wedges - Michael Antonio ($70), Shirt - Coco de Coeur ($35)

When I was waiting outside of H&M for Versace all night, all I could think about was one item of clothing. And if all I left with in the morning was that item, I would honestly be happy. That item was this leather jacket. It was the most desired item by all and there were only 8 on the shelf to buy. Much to my luck and dedication, I walked out with one in hand. I wish you guys could feel this leather, it is so buttery and soft. When I wear this leather jacket, I feel extremely special because of the rarity of the my piece. However, so few are aware of just how amazing it is.

It goes with everything and I just can not seem to take it off :-)

On an other note, my mom and I spent the the weekend in the city with my friend Daniella and her mom. We had an amazing time eating, going out, and of course, shopping. I am so excited to take pictures in my many new outfits and show them to you. For those of you near a Zara, they are having an amazing sale and I suggest if you can get there soon, you do.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Versace Skirt

Photos by Andrew Arnold

Outfit: Skirt - Versace for H&M ($130), Heels - Jessica Simpson ($20), Necklace - H&M ($18)

The moment the lookbook for the Versace collaboration with H&M was released, I knew I would be buying this silk studded skirt. The pictures are amazing, however, I wish you could see this skirt in person because the way it sparkles and moves is absolutely stunning. I have a few skirts with this shape, but there is something about the way this skirt flows is different. It may be the combination of the silk and the weight of the studs. No matter what it is I love it. So far, I have only worn this skirt with solid black, but I can't wait to try it with other combinations. I think it will be one of those pieces will go with many more tops than I thought.

Speaking of collaborations, Jason Wu for Target is about to be released on February 5. Images from the collection have been released on the internet and I am getting very excited. Everything is under $60 and it could not be cuter! I am in love with the navy dress and flower satchel.

Are you lusting after this collection, too?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Photos by: Andrew Arnold
Outfit: Jacket - H&M ($15), Bunny Top - Forever 21 ($7), Litas - Jeffrey Campbell ($165)

Happy 2012 everyone!

I took a slight holiday break from the blog while Ryan was in town, but now The Fleur de Fashion is back in full force for whatever 2012 will bring. For my first post of the new year I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite new tops. I got it on Forever 21 online a few weeks ago when they were having a special sale. 

Often times F21 will have great BOGO (buy one get one) deals that only last a few days! Sometimes great deals like this only apply to not-so-cute clothing items. However, F21 has some amazing pieces as a part their BOGO deal. I bought this this top and a faux leather vest for $15 during this flash sale. I mean, it really doesn't get any better than that!

I love the bunny graphic on this top. It's a kind of distorted drawing, which reminds me of Alice and Wonderland. I paired it with my military jacket from H&M and I actual really like the pairing together. It seems unconventional, but it just works. I find this happens to me a lot when searching through my closet. Part of the fun of fashion is pairing things you never thought you'd wear together.

Well I better go start my project for the day - reorganizing my closet. I haven't been able to put away any of my new clothes from Christmas because I have absolutely no room! I have a full closet, a full garment rack and full drawers. My solution? I just bought a garment closet from Target yesterday that I have to build and will place in the hallway. Hey, whatever works right?
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