Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pinstripes and Keys

Photos By: Andrew Arnold

Outfit: Blazer - H&M ($35), Key Necklace - DIY/Vintage, Boots - Steve Madden ($100)

In August, if you all remember, I attended the Niles Flea Market and bought this beautiful big key to make a necklace out of. When I went to buy a chain for it, I saw this suede rope in orange and decided that would make a way cooler chain than the normal metal. This necklace is now my go-to necklace. I absolutely love it! Whenever I wear it people inquire about where I bought it and what it opens. I always respond the same way, "It's vintage. I bought it at a flea market so I guess it could open anything. It's a mystery." Which is true. And that makes the necklace that much more exciting! 

Also, I know you guys already know how much I love my pinstripe blazer from H&M. Whenever I wear it I get compliments and the truth is, it really is an effortless piece. All I do is throw it over a top and jeans and, voila! I have a chic outfit. I am always on the lookout for pieces that accomplish this, because everyone has days when they are in a rush and a rush isn't any excuse to not look cute and chic. 

What are your pieces you consider effortlessly chic?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sparkles Don't Only Look Good On Christmas

Photos By: Andrew Arnold

Outfit: Skirt - H&M ($30), Pumps - Jessica Simpson ($25), Necklace - Forever 21 ($12), Top - Forever 21 ($18)

How was everyone's holiday? I can not wait to show you all the amazing fashion gifts my families got me! They know me all to well (ahem - beige suede Litas - ahem). I must admit that at Christmas, I am a very spoiled girl.

I have said before how much I love matte sequin clothing items. Somehow I believe the matte palette make the clothing so much more versatile. Rather than saying, "Hey! Look at me sparkle!", matte sequins are slightly more under the radar, therefore making them something you can dress up or down. While shopping with my friend Daniella one day we came upon this skirt at H&M. We both became obsessed. Besides the matte sequins, I really like how the skirt isn't super mini, making it something I can wear as years go by. 

Also, while many stores tend to carry sequins items during the holidays, please do not think that December and early January are the only appropriate times to wear them. Sequins are definitely a year-round item :-)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas In Cali

Photos by: Andrew Arnold

Outfit: "Ugly" Sweater - Thrifted by Danielle Pavlecic ($4), Jacket - H&M ($30), Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Litas ($165)

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I am obsessed with the Christmas season! I listen to Christmas music on the radio, watch Christmas movies over and over again (sometimes four times in one day) and can not stop buying festive clothing.  I will have to take a picture of our gigantic Christmas tree for you guys tomorrow. It is breath-taking! Our tree is covered top to bottom with ornaments, there is probably only one or two branches free for decoration. The special part is that almost all our ornaments have special meaning. My Mom and I collect them from places we visit and such.

Anyways, on to the clothes! I attended an Ugly Sweater party at a friends house recently and didn't have time to stop by a thrift store and find one for myself, so I told my very good friend Danielle to pick me up one on her trip out. Danielle got a little excited shopping and ended up with not two for us, but four "ugly" sweaters. When I met up with her and saw this one, I not only decided to wear it but I actually thought it was really cute (so did Danielle) :)

So I worked it into my wardrobe and have been wearing it quite a bit! 

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you get all you ask for and more!

Love you all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis The Season To Be Busy...

Photo Credit - Andrew Arnold Photography

Outfit: Shoes - Libby Edelman (Gift), Skirt - H&M ($25), Top - H&M ($15), Necklace - F21 ($8)

I am trying to hard to post as often as I can, but with the holidays right around the corner I find myself leaving super early for work and not coming home until at least 8:30pm. And by then, all I want to do is watch TV until I fall asleep. 

I took this photos this weekend with my friend Andrew. I love how festive this outfit is, but mainly I wanted to point out these amazing Libby Edelman shoes my Godmother has given me as an early Christmas gift. I am obsessed with them! Unfortunately, I didn't think to have him take a picture specifically of the shoes  (next time, I promise). You can at least get a sense of the studded toe. Are they just amazing?

Thanks Rebecca!

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Fringe Suede Boots

Outfit: Boots - Urban Outfitters ($35), Top - Thrifted ($2), Blazer H&M ($5), Gold Leaf Necklace - Vintage ($2)

Every Fall and Winter, I think to myself, "Wow, I have a ton of boots!" However, it never seems to fail that my collection seems to grow substantially every season. It really is a problem because I am starting to run out of place to store them. Oh, who am I kidding? I ran out of room five or six pairs ago. 

These suede fringe boots are my newest addition to the family. I found them a while ago on Urban Outfitters online, but held off buying them until I could make a trip to the store (maybe they had them in stock and I could get instant satisfaction). Originally I wanted only the cognac color, but they only had the black in my size to try on. Lucky for me (or not so lucky for me, whichever way you look at it) I fell in love with the black and decided to purchase both colors. The cognac would be mailed to me. 

I am so happy I found these boots! They were an amazing price, unbelievably cute and unbelievably comfortable. I have worn these boot a couple times all day and they are so comfortable. still has these cuties and I HIGHLY recommend them! Get them before it is too late :-)

UO Fringe Boot: Click HERE

Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Romantic...

Outfit: Dress - Urban Outfitters ($19.99), Necklace - Vintage ($2), Belt - H&M ($8) Wedges - Michael Antonio ($16)

Have I told you lately how I feel about the colors red and orange lately? I just can't seem to stop wearing them. Maybe it's the Christmas season that has me seeing red. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be stoping anytime soon.

So, I discovered a little secret I'd like to fill you all in on. Its no secret I love to shop online (I love to shop anywhere really). Urban Outfitters always has great sales whether you are in the store or shopping online. When I am feeling too lazy to drive out to Urban I turn on my computer and start shopping. I put several items in my bag, including this dress. However, I decided to wait on purchasing them in order to stop in the store the next day to see what I could find. 

When I went to UO I discovered that everything I wanted online was not only in the store but it was marked down even more than it was online. This dress for example was, and still is, $49.99 online, however, if you can find it in the store it is only $19.99. A $30 difference! To me, thats quite a bit. In fact, everything I saw online was cheaper in the store. Moral of the story? If you can get to a store to purchase items from UO, it is probably well worth your time. No shipping and cheaper still!

Just a little bit about why I love this dress. These 3/4 length bell sleeves are so beautiful! I find when I wear this dress that the mix of the flowers, chiffon and bell sleeves makes me feel so romantic. I feel like I am channeling a modern day Juliet. And I like that feeling, without the whole tortured love thing. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Perfect Cape

Outfit: Cape - Marshalls ($20), Boots - Kenneth Cole ($90), Watch - Vintage ($2), Ring - F21 ($7)

After searching and searching I finally found it, the perfect cape. It was over a year ago when I saw the infamous Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl wearing a gorgeous green one, that I was hooked. I had found a few over the years, but none ever seemed to be the right price.

Last weekend my Mom begged to go to Michaels for a 50% off Christmas sale. After a long day of work, I reluctantly agreed to go. After spending about an hour and a half of searching for the perfect decorations we wandered over to Marshalls for quick looksie. Even at Marshalls I naturally go straight to the sale section to see what goodies I can find. Sitting in middle of the sales coats I found this fabulous cape on sale for $20. I instantly knew without trying it on that I'd be buying it, but I tried it on anyways and it was love at first wear.

I love that this coat it so simply camel and black. AND that the black is a leather trim. This cape is a little different from many capes I have tried on. Usually, capes have little slits you put your arms through, however this one lets you arms fall and has pockets. I love this feature, because the cape falls beautifully. I am still in awe that I only paid $20 for this cape because I probably would have paid $100 for something so perfect. It just goes to show that you really never know what you can find at discount shops like Marshalls. There were 3 more of these capes left at the store, so if you find yourself in Fremont, I suggest you snatch this cape up. It is absolutely perfect.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Styling Elements - Part Two

Outfit: Jacket - Target ($30), Sweater - Forever 21($10), Scarf - H&M ($12), Boots - Cathy Jean ($100)

So on Thursday, I told you guys I'd be taking one of my favorite bright pink sweaters and showing you how versatile items in your closet can be by switching your accessories. I am wearing the same sweater, undershirt and pants in this picture, my basis for the outfits. I have changed my jacket, scarf, jewelry, and boots. By just switching up these elements, you can create a whole new outfit with a whole new vibe. Try and remember this next time you start pulling the same items for an outfit you have worn countless times. You can start slow by changing your scarf...oh heck, just change it all up and see what happens. I bet you are more creative than you think :)

Short post today because I am off to a long day of work events. Ta Ta for now!
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