Sunday, May 13, 2012

Raffia Wedges & A Center Part

Outfit: Top - Anthropologie, Jeans - AG Stevies, Wedges - Urban Outfitters, Purse - Gift, Necklace - Vintage

I think this is the first time I have worn a center part since the 7th grade, but I have been wanting a head chain so band lately and I knew a center part with that accessory is  a must. So, I bought one and yesterday I tried the part out. I like the result - it's a huge trend right now and it's a nice way to change up your look.

I bought this top at Anthropologie and I love the details in it. The cut, the print, the Peter Pan collar - it's just so...cute. It's really the only word to describe it. I was going to pull out my taupe Litas to pair with this outfit when I spotted my new raffia wedges that I had yet to wear. I bought them online at Urban about a month ago and when they came I got a little nervous because they didn't look as cute in the box as they did online. To my luck, when I put them on my feet I realized they were even more cute on than they appeared on the website.

Isn't that just the best?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Can Honestly Never Go Wrong With A Loose Fitted Striped Sweater

Outfit: Sweater - H&M, Shorts - F21, Boots - Soda

Kind of  an unconventional staple I think every woman should supply in their closet is a loose fitted striped sweater. I have a couple and they get worn quite often. Its such a great item for all seasons because I will wear it in the Spring with shorts, throw it over a suit in the Summer, wear it over leggings in the Fall and bundle it up in the Winter with a scarf and jacket. I love them. Whenever I see a good on one a rack I almost always buy it because what if something happened to one I already have?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sugarlips Apparel

Outfit: Dress - Sugarlips Apparel (; Wedges - Deena & Ozzy; Belt - F21, Hat - F21

Last week I received this as a gift last week from Sugarlips Apparel. I am always on the look out for trendy websites that I can get unique clothing. With crop tops everywhere the past season, one of my favorite ways to wear them is over a simple black dress. And how lovely that this dress is a high-low.

If I didn't love everything already about this dress. I can't forget to mention the color of the crop top. It's one of my favorites - blood orange. Sugarlips has soooo many cute things that are already on my wish list. I would love for you all to check it out and let me know your favorite items. Sometimes I like to see what other people see potential in :-)

Comment below!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Neon Heels

Outfit: Shorts - H&M, Neon Heels - Cathy Jean, Top - Forever 21

Sorry about my picture today. We were having some technical difficulties with the camera and instead of the outfits being in focus the back ground is. But hey, maybe it's a nice change-up. I couldn't bring myself to not share this outfit because I love it so much and you guys have never seen my neon heels! Mistakes happen.

I got these shoes in December on MEGA sale from Cathy Jean. My thought was there were left over from the summer months and that is why they were 70%. I wish you guys could see just how bright they are. With my camera malfunction, the shoes really aren't being done justice (I'll have to show you another way I like to wear them to make up for it).

Lucky for you guys, I was in Cathy Jean recently and saw that they still have a few sizes of these in the sale section! If I were you guys I wouldn't pass on these. I can not tell you how comfortable they are! Not to mention neon is everywhere this season. I guarantee you will be getting good use out of them.

Let me know if you guys end of finding a perfect neon heel. I'm on the lookout for a second pair :-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Shoes Are Cute But My Dogs Will Always Be Cuter

Outfit: Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Vest - H&M, Cuff - Nordstrom, Turquoise Ring - Boutique, 
Feather Ring - H&M

Have you guys picked up yet that I love my orange wooden heels by Jeffrey Campbell? Just in case you hadn't, I thought I'd remind you.

It's been quite rainy in California lately, but I'm hoping the weather will get warm again soon so I can wear all my vests more often! I love vests. They have the same effect as a great jacket. A vest can polish your look, change up your look and make a simple outfit look trendy. I mean when you take away my vest and shoes, essentially you have jeans and a white tee (which in itself is always a winner).

As my title mentions, there are few thing I love more than my collection of shoes. One of them happens to be my puppies. I mean, come on, they are the perfect accessory.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Painting The Roses Red

Outfit: Dress - H&M, Leaf Cuff - F21, Boots - Cathy Jean, Headband - Target, Necklace - Vintage

Have you ever noticed that it isn't all that easy to find dresses with long sleeves? I love wearing dresses during all seasons, so when I see a cute dress with long sleeves it isn't often that I don't end up going home with it. This dress, however, could have been sleeveless and I probably still would have bought it.

I like that this floral print in sort of unconventional. While we usually are seeing bright colored florals, this pattern takes more of a deep color approach. Plus, the flowers remind me of the ones in the Disney animated movie, Alice in Wonderland. I happen to be a huge sucker for children folklore.

The deep floral pallet and long sleeves make it a perfect dress to wear year-round depending on how you style it. I can't wait for warmer whether when I can wear this dress with some wedges.

PS - check out me on Fleet Clothing and vote for my look HERE! Look out for special discounts on Fleet Clothing items. Their clothes are to die for!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Own Far Too Little Green

Outfit: Dress - Meadow Rue (Anthropologie), Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace - Vintage

As the title of this post states, I own far too little green. Which is interesting because it is such a striking color. Maybe it is so striking because how often do you see someone wearing a solid green dress? I had been eyeing this dress at Anthropologie for about a month now. Initially it was the drop waist that attracted me. All my dresses hit my waist so this is a perfect change up to my closet.

I am also really, REALLY into the color orange right now. Last Summer, I was in Nordstrom and found these shoes. I loved them, but at the time I hadn't bought Lita's yet so I couldn't bring myself to buy this lovely pair. Well sometimes waiting pays off (sometimes). Last month, I went to Nordstrom Rack and found the exact pair in my size and color in the clearance section for $48.99! I'm still reeling over this purchase.

I can't wait to wear this dress on St. Patrick's Day :)
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