Monday, March 19, 2012

My Shoes Are Cute But My Dogs Will Always Be Cuter

Outfit: Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Vest - H&M, Cuff - Nordstrom, Turquoise Ring - Boutique, 
Feather Ring - H&M

Have you guys picked up yet that I love my orange wooden heels by Jeffrey Campbell? Just in case you hadn't, I thought I'd remind you.

It's been quite rainy in California lately, but I'm hoping the weather will get warm again soon so I can wear all my vests more often! I love vests. They have the same effect as a great jacket. A vest can polish your look, change up your look and make a simple outfit look trendy. I mean when you take away my vest and shoes, essentially you have jeans and a white tee (which in itself is always a winner).

As my title mentions, there are few thing I love more than my collection of shoes. One of them happens to be my puppies. I mean, come on, they are the perfect accessory.


  1. I love vests, too, for the same reason that you do. Hehe. Adorable look and I would definitely love those heels and wear them all the time, too! :)

  2. great look!!love it!


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