Monday, March 26, 2012

Neon Heels

Outfit: Shorts - H&M, Neon Heels - Cathy Jean, Top - Forever 21

Sorry about my picture today. We were having some technical difficulties with the camera and instead of the outfits being in focus the back ground is. But hey, maybe it's a nice change-up. I couldn't bring myself to not share this outfit because I love it so much and you guys have never seen my neon heels! Mistakes happen.

I got these shoes in December on MEGA sale from Cathy Jean. My thought was there were left over from the summer months and that is why they were 70%. I wish you guys could see just how bright they are. With my camera malfunction, the shoes really aren't being done justice (I'll have to show you another way I like to wear them to make up for it).

Lucky for you guys, I was in Cathy Jean recently and saw that they still have a few sizes of these in the sale section! If I were you guys I wouldn't pass on these. I can not tell you how comfortable they are! Not to mention neon is everywhere this season. I guarantee you will be getting good use out of them.

Let me know if you guys end of finding a perfect neon heel. I'm on the lookout for a second pair :-)


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