Monday, November 14, 2011

Even When It's Not Fitted

Outfit: Dress - Forever 21 ($20), Pumps - Jessica Simpson ($20)

Sometimes the lack of shape in a dress is the very thing that makes the dress unique and beautiful. I found this dress about a year ago at Forever 21 and was instantly taken with the neckline. A simple black dress can change completely with detail. This dress has sort of a bib around the neck with a large bow laid on top. That combined with the feminine sleeves makes this dress unlike anything I own and anything I have seen since I have purchased it. I also love how this dress isn't fitted, rather, it the pleats around the bib help to let the dress fall beautifully along the bottom. 

You may sometimes see dresses with this complete A-line shape and may worry that the shape can be unflattering. However, I encourage you all to not let that stop you from trying it on. If the dress isn't made correctly, yes, the result may not be flattering. BUT if it is made correctly, I suspect you will love the result. Additionally, if you have an event coming up requiring a LBD you will find that in a sea of tight mini dresses the best way to stand out is to walk in in a cute, girly A-line number. 

PS - Isn't this dress strikingly familiar to the drawing in my header?


  1. You look adorable. I wouldn't have tried that on considering im short with a big butt but after seeing it on you I think next time I see a dress like that I will try it on.

  2. I love this dress!! Part sailor/part schoolgirl - so cute!! I love the arm candy too!! I'm loving your blog!! :)


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