Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Panda

Outfit: Hat - Gift from Ryan, Boots - Soda ($30), Scarf - H&M ($12), Jacket - Express ($150), White Blouse - Forever 21 ($15)

My favorite place to visit when I come to Utah is Park City. Yesterday Ryan and I got some Christmas shopping done at the outlets and then went to Olympic Museum that sits right in front of the HUGE Olympic Ski Jump. I can't believe people actually fly down that jump and survive, it's absolutely incredible. I didn't understand this until I actually had the pleasure of seeing the jump in person.

During my life I haven't really ventured that much into the snow, thus I own virtually no snow appropriate clothes. However, if I am being honest I don't believe you need to wear massive puffy coats and snow boots in order to stay warm. I mean, it snows in NYC and you still people walking around in high heels. So I opted for my trusty leather jacket and military boots accompanied by my fox scarf and (too cute for words) panda hat. Ryan got me this hat as a gift about a month ago and mailed it me. He chose a panda because one of my greatest weaknesses, besides shopping, is Panda Express.

Animal hats are everywhere right now. They are so much fun and if there is a point in my life that I can get away with wearing a cute panda on my head, you better believe I am going to take advantage of it. My favorite part about my panda hat is the nose. In the photos above that contain my profile you can see that the nose is three-dimensional and actually protrudes out from the hat. I have yet to find another animal hat with this quality. Ryan did well, as always.

How beautiful is this snowy hillside?

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