Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not All Leggings Are Created Equal


Outfit: Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot ($165), Leggings - H&M ($12), Blazer - H&M ($25), Scarf - H&M ($8)

You guys are already aware of how much I adore leggings and all their glory. However, because I tend to wear them so often during cooler weather I often find myself searching for leggings with an added detail to them. These leggings are my favorite with the dark grey suede on the knee and calf. I feel like when you wear leggings with added detailing it makes them a little less lounge-esque and bit more like actual pants. I also have a pair with studs going down the side of the legs and the simple studs completely change the look of them!

You may also notice that I have paired them with my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas. Since I received them in the mail a couple days ago I can not take them off my feet! They are just so comfortable and incredibly cute. I am already planning on the next color I am going to get. It was important for me to get a black pair as my very first pair because I knew I would get my use out of them. 

Also, if you are someone who has never tried the Lita Boot on I highly suggest you venture to Nordstrom and try a pair on to see what the most comfortable heels in the world feel like on your feet. I think trying them on will make a believer out of you :)

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