Monday, January 9, 2012

Versace Leather Jacket

Photos by Andrew Arnold

 Outfit: Jacket - Versace for H&M ($299), Wedges - Michael Antonio ($70), Shirt - Coco de Coeur ($35)

When I was waiting outside of H&M for Versace all night, all I could think about was one item of clothing. And if all I left with in the morning was that item, I would honestly be happy. That item was this leather jacket. It was the most desired item by all and there were only 8 on the shelf to buy. Much to my luck and dedication, I walked out with one in hand. I wish you guys could feel this leather, it is so buttery and soft. When I wear this leather jacket, I feel extremely special because of the rarity of the my piece. However, so few are aware of just how amazing it is.

It goes with everything and I just can not seem to take it off :-)

On an other note, my mom and I spent the the weekend in the city with my friend Daniella and her mom. We had an amazing time eating, going out, and of course, shopping. I am so excited to take pictures in my many new outfits and show them to you. For those of you near a Zara, they are having an amazing sale and I suggest if you can get there soon, you do.

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