Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just Buy It Already

Outfit: Top - H&M, Shoes - Target, Jeans - Joe's Jeans

Have you ever gone into a store and lusted after a particular piece of clothing, but for one reason or another didn't buy it? This happens to me all the time (surprisingly, I don't buy everything I like). Sometimes, you might go back to the store a couple times and still not buy it. THEN all of the sudden you are sitting at home and decide you need it. So you rush down to the store, frantic because you've convinced yourself the item is sold out. 

Ahhh, but then there is that glorious moment when you get to the store and find your item hanging beautifully on the rack, as if it is under a spotlight. It may very well be one of the greatest feelings of relief I have felt to date. 

I did this with not one, but two, items in this outfit. How beautiful is this lace top? Every time I went into H&M I knew I wanted it.  I mean, the lace, the buttons, the shape, it's prefect! It happens to be one of the few items that photographs just as beautiful as it is in person. I'm obsessed with the button down back. It's always nice to find a top that is just as cute in the back as it is in the front.

Loafers are huge right now, and I had been seeing these shoes there since Christmas in both black and pink. Well about two weeks ago I buckled and not only bought the pink, but the black also. 

Hey, I needed them ;-)

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  1. you seriously have THE most gorgeous smile! love your look. and that top is lovely! xoxo <3 Lindsey of Ruby Girl {{}}


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