Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chewy Meets Lanvin


Last Fall when Lanvin collaborated with H&M, Naz and I got to the store at 5:30am only to leave the store empty handed. This was due to all the hoarders buying merchandise to resell on eBay. After a heated conversation with the store manager he let us sign up to take home items from the window display a few days later. To my luck these fabulous shoes on the mannequin were just my size! You can imagine my excitement :)

I love these shoes to death. Not only do they have the classic Lanvin chrome heel, but they are so interesting and different you can tell I didn't just walk in anywhere and swoop these up. Is the bow not gorgeous?

I wore them for the first time last year to my sorority formal with a beautiful red dress I also picked up from H&M (I'm sure you know by now, it's y second home). Here are a few pictures from that night:

My lovely boyfriend of almost 5 years, Ryan. 

Some of my best friends (minus a few Royal Diamonds, you know who you are). 
How I miss them so :(

My beautiful Little, Kelly.

Posting about these shoes, I just couldn't help but share with you all these photos from such a great night. If you are in college and you are reading this: Enjoy your time because you will miss it dearly :)


  1. awww big!
    You looked gorgeous that night!... not too different from everyday :)
    LOVE those heels!
    I really love that top with them too.
    Miss you <3

  2. Demn girl, you loke sooo beautiful!


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