Monday, October 24, 2011

Hand - Me - Downs

Outfit: Blazer - H&M ($25), Scarf - Hand-me-down, Dress - H&M ($15), Shoes - Charlotte Russe ($25)

One man's trash is another man's treasure.  

My advice of the day is to never pass up a good hand-me-down. My boyfriend's very stylish mom gave me this scarf last year because she thought the style didn't suit her. While I tried to convince her that she look fabulous in the scarves, she insisted I have them. I just love this one for many reasons. First, the pattern is beautiful, almost like water colored animals. Additionally, I really love that this scarf is purely black and white. I have so many beautiful colored scarfs, but I believe that the fact that this pattern is black and white makes it more interesting. Most times when you see patterns like this on scarves they are more colorful.

I bought this striped dress at H&M a few Springs ago, as a simple casual dress (plus I am kind of obsessed with stripes). My favorite thing to do with this dress is wear it with a different patterned scarf. Stripes are such a perfect base for mixing prints. If you have never mixed prints before, I would recommend starting with a striped top and scarf. From there, I think you will get the hang of it :)

PS - Don't you just love how pairing a blazer with a casual dress can change the entire look?


  1. I love the pattern mixing! And your heels are beautiful :)

  2. Love the blazer!


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