Thursday, October 13, 2011

When The Weather Is Indecisive...

Outfit: Sweater - Anthropologie ($98), Skirt - Forever 21 ($15)

Freshly back from the crisp weather of Salt Lake City and I am not sure the Bay Area can decide whether it wants to stay cold or hot. When I left it was raining, today the weather seems warm and I am in the mood for sweaters and leggings. Well when the weather is indecisive, I am going be indecisive as well! So because I can't decide whether to wear jeans and a sweater or shorts and a tank, I will just bare my legs WITH a sweater.

I absolutely love this sweater I bought at Anthropology, the colors are some of my favorite (yellow and maroon) and I can't get enough of the shape. It is very fitted in the sleeves, but extremely wide around the waist giving it a lovely draping effect. It may be one of the more pricier pieces in my closet, but well worth it. Seriously, I wish you could all feel the softness from your screens at home. 

I also bought this skirt at Forever 21 in August and I love the color. The skirts falls beautifully while worn. My only complaint is it gets wrinkled more easily than any item I own. However, I can deal spending a few extra minutes ironing in the morning for something so cute :)


  1. i love it Courtney! the sweater is so cute!!

  2. I just found your blog and i'm really loving it!! i love this ensemble with the nude pumps! now following. ^_^

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