Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'm Just A Bill

Outfit: Dress - H&M ($18), Sweater - H&M ($25), Boots - Cathy Jean ($100)

We went to Capital Hill and all that was replaying over and over in my head was, "I'm just a Bill. Yes, I'm only a Bill. And I'm sitting here on Capital Hill...". Just a little homage to Schoolhouse Rock :)

Anyways, when the weather starts to get colder our legs tend to hide away in jeans, leggings, khakis, you name it. Sadly, our dresses and skirts tend to gather dust for several months. Well I am here to remind you not to neglect your clothing or play favorites.

Simply layer up those dresses and skirts with tights, socks, leg warmers, sweaters, boots, etc. I promise you will love the the effect. It also may be nice for this look to go out and find a couple dresses that are long sleeved. Sounds easy enough, I know. However, sometimes this can be a challenge. In San Diego Naz and I were always on the hunt for long sleeved dresses, so when I found this one I was delighted. First the flower colors are great for Fall and second, I don't really have any casual dresses that fit somewhat tight. The stretch this dress has is super flattering. 

So, don't forget to wear your dresses and skirts all year round. Go out and find some playful patterned tights to pair with them!

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