Saturday, October 15, 2011


Outfit: Purple Pants - Boutique ($10), Top - Forever 21 ($15), Scarf - Forever 21 ($7)

One thing I miss about San Diego, besides my friends, the beach, the weather (okay so I could go on and on), is the countless affordable boutiques in the area. Some of my favorite days were when Naz and I would spend the day shopping and lunching at Zanzibar with our puppies in Pacific Beach. Except the one time Chewy decided to go Number 2 it the back of a boutique. Luckily, Naz had a bag in her purse and Chewy's present went undetected (besides the horrible smell). On the main road there are tons of affordable clothing and shoe stores, which I always loved shopping in because you couldn't just go anywhere and buy what these stores held. 

Anyways, I found these purple pants in a store called The Closet for $10. I absolutely love the deep shade of purple they are. Because it is more of a deep color, they go with so much, almost as if they were jeans. Some people tend to stray away from colored pants, however, I think it you find deeper colors like this purple, a forest green, or deep red you may find it easier to pair clothing items with. Now, I am definitely not saying don't buy bright pants because I love those as well, but buying a deeper hue first may be a way for some people to ease into wearing colored pants.

Just a suggestion :)


  1. Hi girl...I really like your blog!

  2. Great outfit! your scarf is so pretty :)


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