Monday, October 17, 2011

Mixing Elements

Outfit: Top - H&M ($13), Shorts - Hollister DIY, Scarf - Urban Outfitters ($10), Blazer - Forever 21 ($20)

Sometimes I look in my overfilling closet and just stand there as my worst fear envelopes me: I have nothing to wear. I know you all have had this feeling as you literally just stand there and stare for countless minutes contemplating. For me, it's an anxiety attack. Then, I breathe and just start grabbing whatever I see. I just start mixing elements. 

In this outfit, I am wearing a business blazer, cut-off shorts, a lace scarf and a studded bag. Now had I have not had the feeling that I had nothing to wear I may have not put together all these elements. However, some how it just works. Sometimes you just have to be willing to throw it all together and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the result.  I actually just paired this scarf with my outfit because I had never worn it before. Maybe thats another element to the recipe. Or maybe it's the lack of a clothing recipe. Who knows? My point after this rant is that sometimes grabbing items you wouldn't normally think would go together actually create something fabulous. 

So, as I like to say, have no fear in fashion :)


  1. you are so cute! i love how you accessorize all of your outfits. I am in love with that bag.

  2. I love wearing blazers with shorts! Great outfit, and your shoes are awesome :)


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