Thursday, October 20, 2011

Everyone Has Animalistic Tendencies

Outfit: Scarf  - H&M ($15), Button up - Forever 21 ($14), Sweater - H&M ($10), Flats - Forever 21 ($20)

Isn't this fox scarf the cutest?

Whenever I wear it I think of the Disney Classic, The Fox and the Hound, which I absolutely loved when I was a child. However, I watched the movie recently and was shocked at how sad it was, I cried like a baby. Still a great movie though :)

Sometimes you go into a store and see a statement piece, like this scarf. You know you love it because it is unique and beautiful. However, the thought crosses your mind, "What will I wear this with?" My answer to this question is always the same, "EVERYTHING!" In fact, my mom and friends make fun of me because they will honestly ask me for advice on what to wear with an item and I always want to respond, "everything" but realize I need to be a bit more specific. 

But in all seriousness, you would be surprised at how a statement pieces matches so many things in a unique way. You just have to be willing to experiment, always. 

Fashion really is a science, you know. I predict it will be a subject in high school but the time my kids are there. Well, one can only hope...then I'd be sure to help them with homework.

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