Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Animal Fall


Outfit: Dress - H&M ($30), Sweater - H&M ($20)

It began last year with riding pants and boots. Even sweaters with elbow patches showed up in stores (I am a sucker for them). The equestrian look is back this fall and bigger than ever. Designers have taken the whole look one step further by making dresses, sweaters, pants and tops with the horses all over them. Not to mention bunnies, deer, birds, etc. Animals are everywhere this Fall in a huge way!

I am totally digging it.

I have found myself flocking (no pun intended) to any articles of clothing with an animalistic feel. When I saw this dress I fell completely in love. Apart from the fact it is covered in little deer, I like that it has sleeves and a collar. It's such a perfect dress, except that its made a little small in the shoulders. Can you believe that the dress is a size 10! For those of you who didn't know H&M does their sizes using the European code so a 10 usually a medium. Just a helpful hint when shopping there. Don't worry you aren't huge, the numbers are just different :)

Here is a breakdown - 

American:  2  4  6     8    10  

European:  6  8  10   12  14  

PS - This dress is still at H&M for $30! So snatch it up before it's gone :)


  1. nice pics :D
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  2. LOVE that dress and the photography! -Jessica



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