Sunday, December 11, 2011

Styling Elements - Part Two

Outfit: Jacket - Target ($30), Sweater - Forever 21($10), Scarf - H&M ($12), Boots - Cathy Jean ($100)

So on Thursday, I told you guys I'd be taking one of my favorite bright pink sweaters and showing you how versatile items in your closet can be by switching your accessories. I am wearing the same sweater, undershirt and pants in this picture, my basis for the outfits. I have changed my jacket, scarf, jewelry, and boots. By just switching up these elements, you can create a whole new outfit with a whole new vibe. Try and remember this next time you start pulling the same items for an outfit you have worn countless times. You can start slow by changing your scarf...oh heck, just change it all up and see what happens. I bet you are more creative than you think :)

Short post today because I am off to a long day of work events. Ta Ta for now!

1 comment:

  1. Love it!! I want this sweater, love how you Posted two outfits with the same sweater, both looks are amazing:)


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