Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Romantic...

Outfit: Dress - Urban Outfitters ($19.99), Necklace - Vintage ($2), Belt - H&M ($8) Wedges - Michael Antonio ($16)

Have I told you lately how I feel about the colors red and orange lately? I just can't seem to stop wearing them. Maybe it's the Christmas season that has me seeing red. Whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be stoping anytime soon.

So, I discovered a little secret I'd like to fill you all in on. Its no secret I love to shop online (I love to shop anywhere really). Urban Outfitters always has great sales whether you are in the store or shopping online. When I am feeling too lazy to drive out to Urban I turn on my computer and start shopping. I put several items in my bag, including this dress. However, I decided to wait on purchasing them in order to stop in the store the next day to see what I could find. 

When I went to UO I discovered that everything I wanted online was not only in the store but it was marked down even more than it was online. This dress for example was, and still is, $49.99 online, however, if you can find it in the store it is only $19.99. A $30 difference! To me, thats quite a bit. In fact, everything I saw online was cheaper in the store. Moral of the story? If you can get to a store to purchase items from UO, it is probably well worth your time. No shipping and cheaper still!

Just a little bit about why I love this dress. These 3/4 length bell sleeves are so beautiful! I find when I wear this dress that the mix of the flowers, chiffon and bell sleeves makes me feel so romantic. I feel like I am channeling a modern day Juliet. And I like that feeling, without the whole tortured love thing. 


  1. Cute look! What really stood out was the red wedges. Ahhh, my love for wedges never really die. Haha.

    xx, Crystal

  2. amazing shoes:)

  3. I'm in love with yours shoes...they're so gorgeous! Way to pair them with that dress. :)


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