Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two Michaels Are Better Than One

Outfit: Wedges - Michael Antonio ($16), Dress - H&M ($15), Necklace - H&M ($18)

As many of you know who follow on Facebook (which you should definitely if you don't already)  I got some amazing deals on Black Friday. And when I say amazing, I mean A-MAZ-ING. Yesterday, I posted (as well as many other days) my favorite black block wedges by Michael Antonio. I'm sure you guys have seen them many, many times. Well, I bought them about 6 months ago online for $75 and they have been worth every penny.

On Black Friday in Utah, Ryan and I drove by a DSW and, as an afterthought, I said we should just check it out. Going straight back to the sale section, I found the exact pair of Michael Antonio's I have in black, but this time in red. My size and EVERYTHING. I've never lived my life by fate, but I am pretty sure this was it. The only difference between my black wedges and these red ones (besides the color) is that these cost me a whopping $16. Honestly, I am still on cloud nine from this purchase. 

I am pretty sure these shoes will be on feet 4 out of 7 days of the week this holiday. At least until I find another pair amazing shoes which I currently have in my checkout on Urban Outfitters :)

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