Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas In Cali

Photos by: Andrew Arnold

Outfit: "Ugly" Sweater - Thrifted by Danielle Pavlecic ($4), Jacket - H&M ($30), Boots - Jeffrey Campbell Litas ($165)

Anyone who knows me personally, knows I am obsessed with the Christmas season! I listen to Christmas music on the radio, watch Christmas movies over and over again (sometimes four times in one day) and can not stop buying festive clothing.  I will have to take a picture of our gigantic Christmas tree for you guys tomorrow. It is breath-taking! Our tree is covered top to bottom with ornaments, there is probably only one or two branches free for decoration. The special part is that almost all our ornaments have special meaning. My Mom and I collect them from places we visit and such.

Anyways, on to the clothes! I attended an Ugly Sweater party at a friends house recently and didn't have time to stop by a thrift store and find one for myself, so I told my very good friend Danielle to pick me up one on her trip out. Danielle got a little excited shopping and ended up with not two for us, but four "ugly" sweaters. When I met up with her and saw this one, I not only decided to wear it but I actually thought it was really cute (so did Danielle) :)

So I worked it into my wardrobe and have been wearing it quite a bit! 

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you get all you ask for and more!

Love you all!

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