Monday, December 5, 2011

The Eiffel Tower and Me

Outfit: Top - Forever 21($15), Skirt - Forever 21 ($14), Socks - Forever 21 ($3), Boots - Cathy Jean ($100)

If you know me personally, then you know very well that I have a little obsession with anything and everything dealing with the Eiffel Tower. Ever since I was a young girl, I have been so infatuated with its structure, beauty and the sense of romance the Eiffel Tower encompasses. Walking into my room, this is an easily observable fact. So naturally, when I came across this sweater I  had to have it.

It is an added bonus that I am completely in love with this crew neck, sweatshirt style of top. Its so comfy, yet with some added accessories, completely chic. Luckily California, tends to have a mild winter  so I was able to pair this sweater with a bright red skirt and socks to stay comfortable.

Another cool element this sweater contains (that may not be noticeable at first) is that it actually has shoulder pads. Clearly, they are not outrageous or huge, but I do believe they make a slight difference to how the garment fits and falls. The shoulder pads  are just one more element that make this sweater unique.

PS - I know this is the season of giving, however, retail stores have been having amazing deals and sales all month. So while you are out shopping for others, treat yourself to a little something also. The season of giving doesn't exclude giving to yourself, right?

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