Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Perfect Cape

Outfit: Cape - Marshalls ($20), Boots - Kenneth Cole ($90), Watch - Vintage ($2), Ring - F21 ($7)

After searching and searching I finally found it, the perfect cape. It was over a year ago when I saw the infamous Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl wearing a gorgeous green one, that I was hooked. I had found a few over the years, but none ever seemed to be the right price.

Last weekend my Mom begged to go to Michaels for a 50% off Christmas sale. After a long day of work, I reluctantly agreed to go. After spending about an hour and a half of searching for the perfect decorations we wandered over to Marshalls for quick looksie. Even at Marshalls I naturally go straight to the sale section to see what goodies I can find. Sitting in middle of the sales coats I found this fabulous cape on sale for $20. I instantly knew without trying it on that I'd be buying it, but I tried it on anyways and it was love at first wear.

I love that this coat it so simply camel and black. AND that the black is a leather trim. This cape is a little different from many capes I have tried on. Usually, capes have little slits you put your arms through, however this one lets you arms fall and has pockets. I love this feature, because the cape falls beautifully. I am still in awe that I only paid $20 for this cape because I probably would have paid $100 for something so perfect. It just goes to show that you really never know what you can find at discount shops like Marshalls. There were 3 more of these capes left at the store, so if you find yourself in Fremont, I suggest you snatch this cape up. It is absolutely perfect.


  1. amazing cape!!! I need to make a trip to Marshall's soon!


  2. you look amazing, love over the knee boots

    -He approves

    Fashion by He


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