Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ain't No Other Man

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Arnold Photography (

Please don't be distracted by how cute Chewy is...I know I always am :)

Recently, I had an interview and besides the jittery nervousness, my next worry is what to wear. In the past five years it has been my observation that the business world (for the most part) has gotten a lot more casual. A less suits and more separates kind of business casual. Now, I am definitely not saying you show up to work or an interview in jeans. However, choosing to wear a blazer and knit pants (like the LC ones below) is an appropriate alternative to dress pants and a matching blazer.

Because it is still very warm in the Bay Area, I opted for one of my favorite skirts from H&M, a Champagne crop top and a pop of color with an orange gem necklace. I love this skirt because the length is still appropriate without being a pencil skirt to my knees. It also has the ability to be paired with flats for a more casual look, however still an another appropriate office outfit.

I felt so great after my interview I took Chewy to a park after to run around. He told me he's sure I did great in my interview :)

LC Knit Pants - $36


  1. love the nude top with the navy blue shorts!

  2. nice outfit!

    wanna follow each other??? :D

    kisses XX


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