Monday, September 12, 2011

Size Is Only A Number

Outfit: Top - Antrhopologie ($9.99), Skirt - LC ($12), Belt - H&M ($10)

I remember the days when I was obsessed with what size my clothing was. Almost to the point where I would stop myself from buying something I had wanted because, "There's no way I'm THAT size." Well the past few years I have learned something magical that has changed my confidence and wardrobe.

Size doesn't matter.

I've come to the point where it is truly just a number or word. In fact, I often find myself sizing up just because I am really into oversized clothing lately (blame Rachel Zoe). It's quite wonderful actually because when I want a shirt that a store doesn't have in my exact size I never fret because I just buy a large. The lilac shirt I am wearing above is, in fact, a large. I fell in love with the slouchy pockets and cut-out back, so when I only saw it available in a large I didn't think twice and bought it.

My fashion lesson of the day is to not be afraid of what the tag says on your clothing because it may end up limiting you. I am a firm believer that women of any size can look fashionable and fabulous. It's all about confidence :)

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  1. I am a sucker for cute printed skirts and I absolutely love the back of your top. Beautiful!


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