Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Her Dress

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Arnold Photography (

Outfit: Dress - Vintage ($25), Shoes - Forever 21 ($22)

Many of you remember reading about the gorgeous vintage 1920's lace dress I swooped up at the Niles Flea Market for a cool $25. I put it on the other day and decided the old train station in Niles would be the perfect backdrop to display this lovely dress. I felt like I was a leading lady in an old film trying to catch the train before her love vanished. No need to mention how fun it was :)

I bought this dress on my very last walk through the flea market. When I asked the woman selling it how much it was she told me $40 (which I already thought was very reasonable), however I decided to throw $25 out there. Surprisingly, she obliged. I still walked away for an hour to conduct the ultimate test to determine if I actually "needed" the item. The test is simple: Walk away for an indefinite time, if you are constantly thinking about the item in that time then it is definitely something you can not live without.

When I discovered my obsession about this dress I was frantic to go buy it, worried it may now be gone. When I arrived at the booth she was packing up, luckily the dress was easily accessible and available. I happily paid her and took home my treasure. Whenever I wear this dress, I can't help but wonder what the woman was like who bought it 90 years ago. I'm sure she a was fabulous!

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