Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Leopard Courage

Outfit: Top - H&M ($12.95), Skirt - Forever 21 ($15), Necklace - H&M ($12.95), Flats - Target ($10)

This past weekend my Mom and I had a little date doing something I love almost as much as shopping (sort-of), wine tasting. Lucky for us, there is a gorgeous little wine country about thirty minutes away from our house. At one of the wineries we stopped at there was a beautifully restored Victorian home that I later found out had actually been transported onto the property. Did you know that they can literally transport entire homes?

The home was so gorgeous I had to pretend it was mine for ten minutes and take a few pictures. I love adding a few exciting elements to my outfits. One of the easiest ways to do that is by adding leopard pieces to your wardrobe. I bought these flats a few years ago and I can say with all honestly that they match just about everything in my closet. To me, leopard print is as much as a closet staple as a little black dress. Even if your leopard piece is something as little as the shoes on your feet or a large fur coat, leopard print adds a flirty, sexy vibe to any outfit. In the words of Rachel Zoe:

 "I think every women should have a piece of leopard, but not every women will wear leopard. You have to have courage to wear leopard."

So come on ladies (and fellas), lets pull that leopard out of our closets and strut our stuff. Show the world just how courageous we are :)

P.S. - I had to post this picture of my stylish mother. After a couple wine tastings, she got pretty courageous as well. Check out her fabulous wedges I picked out for her (thank goodness we are the same shoe size).


  1. you look great! the necklaces really suites your characters…one word for this,perfect!!

    Check out my blog if you have the time :D

  2. Thank you Romwe!! Such an honor to come from one of my favorite shopping spots :)

  3. wow your necklace is faboulous!!!! IAnd the red color is perfect on you, it really is!!! Your style wonders me! COngrats!

    Sure, I'm already following you!



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