Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall Color Block

Photo Courtesy: Andrew Arnold Photography (

Outfit: Pink Button-up - H&M ($15), Shorts - H&M ($18), Belt - Vintage Brighton ($10), Boots - Cathy Jean ($100)

A huge fashion trend this summer was color block outfits. Now that fall is rapidly approaching I am not quite ready to give up on the look. Instead, I had decided to find other ways to adapt the trend to weather. I must say, while it has still been warm, I have been very excited to pull out my boots two whole days. Never mind the fact, when I put them on it was foggy and when they fog wore off I felt like my feet were in a sauna. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices right?

I also want to make a note that in my post about the my Niles Flea Market purchases I absentmindedly left out this great vintage Brighton belt I picked up for $10. It is hard to tell here, but the back is made of fabulous thick silver chains. When I found it in a pile of belts it didn't look like much until my Step-Mom suggested it try it on. Not only was it a perfect fit, but looked totally different sitting on my body then lying among other belts. Only further proving my theory that you can...

never judge clothing by the hanger.

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