Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Turn To You - Clothing Edition


Outfit: Striped Sweater - H&M ($18), Lace Skirt - Forever 21 ($20), Oxfords - Target ($15)

Everyone has a "go to" item in their closet, and with fall just around the corner I have pulled mine out once again. I love my oversized striped sweater. You know the days when you are either in a rush or didn't have time to pick out your outfit the night before (yes, I still do that)? Well these are the times I pull out my striped sweater and throw it on with jeans, leggings, shorts, skirts, etc. I just add my accessories and my outfit is complete!

The key to the perfect "go to" item is finding one with versatility. The other day while visiting my Uncle's house I took these pictures (I mean, how can I not seize the opportunity when his house is so beautiful?). I casually dressed up my favorite piece with a lacy skirt, pearls and oxfords. The sweater has a totally different vibe when paired with leggings and boots. However, both looks are equally cute.

The more ways you can wear your "go to" item the better. Trust me, people will be less opt to recognize you wear it so much when you've jazzed it up a million different ways.

So now that you know my little secret piece of clothing, you have to share what your "go to" item is :)


  1. Great outfit- and that sweater is the perfect fit; slouchy but not too baggy!

  2. New to your blog (found you on LookBook) and I'm definitely a fan! Love how something as simple and comfy as a slouchy sweater can be dressed up with this skirt. Love it. Keep up the awesome looks!

  3. your ring/bracelet intrigues me :) love it all


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