Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Skin Pop

 Outfit: Skirt - Anthropologie ($9.99), Top - Forever 21 ($20), Heels - Jessica Simpson ($20)

Who ever said the more skin you show, the sexier you are clearly didn't have much fashion sense. This outfit has a longer hem and a turtle neck, yet, I still felt extremely sexy in it. It probably has to do with the fact that my tight black turtle neck has a beautiful round opening in the back. It is such an exciting and unexpected pop of skin that, while I'm pretty covered up, I still feel beautiful. 

Sometimes outfits with an usual opening of skin showing can be more sexy that letting it all hang out (not to mention much more classy). And just for fun I added red pumps to the mix, for the added "oomph". 

I love these longer hem skirts and can not wait to transition them into fall with leggings and booties :)


  1. showing your back is the best pop of skin. sexy yet clash, just how you stated it <3 love that skirt as well !

  2. Love the look so much !


  3. That skirt is cute! I can't believe you got it at Antropologie for $9.99! Any time I've tried to snag something I like in their sale section, they are out of my size or they don't have anything I really like....- Jessica


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