Saturday, August 20, 2011

15% Apache

Outfit: Dress - Foreign Exchange ($30), Sweater - H&M ($25), Combat Boots - Boutique ($40)

Native American fashion inspired pieces, including feathers and turquoise jewelry have hit the fashion world in a big way this year. I think it all started for me about a year ago when I spotted several pictures of Miley Cyrus wearing this gorgeous and versatile turquoise necklace.

After seeing this necklace, I desperately searched the internet for something similar, seeing as such an interesting piece can be dressed up, down and add a different vibe to countless outfits. Finding one at the right price was not so easy (I found the original for over $100). And then on our routine trip to H&M one weekend, Naz and I found a similar one for $8. Don't you just love H&M?

From there, the Native American inspired pieces in my closet grew. I recently bought this feather dress at Foreign Exchange before I left San Diego. I love it for many reasons, including its ability to be casual or dressed up. And when the weather gets cooler I know it will look great with leggings.

I'm not sure how long I will be loving the Native American pieces, but for now I'm going with it :)


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