Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, You Mean These Silver Oxfords?

Last Spring, before all sorts of brands were making oxfords, I was diligently searching online and in-store for the perfect cognac pair. The only ones I could find were at Steve Madden and would run me about $70. I just didn't have the funds. So, I held out until July when I found an identical pair from Target online for $19.99. Don't you just love when you find exactly what you've been searching for under $20 bucks? Its euphoric.

After I purchased my traditional cognac pair, in the SALE section of Macy's online I found the most delicious pair of Jessica Simpson distressed silver oxfords (sans shoelaces). The best part? They were on sale for $20! The great thing about a really unique item is that a lot of people shy away from them thinking the piece is weird or different, so the item ends up going on sale when no one buys them. Their loss is our gain! These silver oxford go with everything and the attention they get is fun.

So lets see...I got two pairs of oxfords for $40 and Steve Madden was charging $70 for one pair. Its that euphoric feeling coming on again <3

Outfit: Top - H&M (12.95), Skirt - Forever 21 (11.00), Shoes - Jessica Simpson ($20)


  1. Love the sailor vibe of this outfit. You're amazing :)

  2. Awww thanks you guys I love your blogs also!

    Feel free you follow the Fleur de Fashion! I loved yours so much I am now a proud follower :)

  3. awesome style, and you are really pretty we need to hang out next time He is in SD

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He


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