Thursday, August 18, 2011

It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Outfit: Blazer - H&M($35), Top - Foreign Exchange($25), Shorts - F21($10), Oxfords - Target($20)

How many of us have seen a celebrity wearing something you desperately wished you owned? It happens to me more times in a day than I can count, which results in me being mildly depressed depending on the cuteness of the item. But, then there are those magic moments when you find a similar item in your price range. Its a moment of pure bliss (well at least for me it is). I had seen Taylor Swift wearing this Wildfox sequins perfume bottle sweater, I then scoured the internet and found it on the Wildfox website for over $100. Depressing, right?

Well, a few weeks later I walked into Foreign Exchange and there on the rack was this sequins perfume bottle top. It wasn't exactly the same, but close enough. Now, I am in no way condoning knock-offs. There is nothing worse than a sad, fake Louis Vuitton handbag. But, finding clothing items similar to designer pieces (that do NOT claim to be the designer's brand) can be a more affordable way to dress like the stars.

For those of my readers in the Bay Area who are unaware of what Foreign Exchange is, you have definitely been missing out. I discovered this store while living in San Diego, but have found that there is a location in the Great Mall, Milpitas! I would suggest to you all to check it out. It can be hit or miss sometimes, but I usually can find several pieces I can not live without :)


  1. Love the shirt-when I saw it I for sure thought you bought the original! Nice job finding it! It looks lovely and doesn't look like a knock-off one bit!

  2. i really wished i had one just like hers too!! i love the one you got!!! giveaway in my blog check it out (:

  3. Love the shirt....amazing ;)



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