Monday, August 8, 2011

Pattern Your World

Have I mentioned to you yet that I ADORE patterns?

I picked up this dress at H&M for $25. When I saw it, the pattern was unlike anything I owned (or had seen very often) and I knew I had to try it on. I loved it! Not only is the pattern fabulous, but the 3/4 billowed sleeves add to the styling of the dress.

I recommend that pieces with an overwhelming pattern such as this, be paired with simple necklaces and shoes. I chose some neutral colored beads and nude shoes in order to keep the focus of outfit on the dress.

If you don't yet own a great patterned dress try these:

1. LC for Kohls - $48.00

2. Urban Outfitters - $30

Forever 21 - $23


  1. So pretty! The pattern on your dress is excellent :) love all the dresses!

  2. I love that dress from urban outfitters!! the pattern is hypnotising!

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