Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Playing Favorites With Your Clothes

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Outfit: Pink Short - Old Navy ($15), Top - Forever 21 ($18), Belt - American Eagle ($30), Wristlet - Vintage ($15), Gold Leaf Necklace - Vintage ($3)

Have you ever purchased something you really liked, but when you took it home somehow it got pushed in the back of your closet? Therefore, it rarely got worn? Because I am a "clothing collector" (like that term? It makes me feel a little better about my addiction) this happens to me way too much. However, I have made a conscious effort to put playing favorites with my clothing behind me. Because, after all, they are all beautiful. 

Which brings me to these pink shorts. I purchased them about a year and a half ago at Old Navy and unfortunately for the past year they haven't gotten the attention they deserve. Sometimes during the summer I get so stuck in wearing my jean cut-offs that it ends up limiting me. When moving, packing and unpacking, I realized all the adorable items I wasn't wearing nearly enough. It almost felt like I had gotten something new. 

Now I realize these short go with so many items I have in my closet (and my moms hehe). I've paired them with this great suede scalloped top I have "borrowed" from my Mom. One of the many perks of moving home, besides saving money, is that my moms closet is like a store that is always open. I am very lucky to have a Mom with a keen eye for fashion. 

So, the moral of the story? I encourage you all to look in the depths of your closet for those items getting little to no attention, pull them out, put them on and take them out to play. If it's something you haven't seen in a while you may get the rush of buying something new! And what a lovely feeling that is.

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  1. I really like your outfit, your shorts are so cool and the color is lovely, but the thing I like best is your amazing bag :)


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