Friday, August 19, 2011

Hidden In My Moms Closet

Outfit: Top - H&M ($30), Shoes - MOM, Shorts - Forever 21 ($10), Sunglasses - Target ($14)

I love oxfords. In all shapes and sizes, they are so chic and a bit different from what you normally see people wearing. The most recent addition to my collection are these fabulous, black heeled, cutout oxfords. Where did I get them you ask? I am lucky enough to have a mom with an eye for fashion and whose feet get tired of shoes quickly. So, these shoes were passed onto me.

I am wearing them here with an outfit inspired by the always stunning, Olivia Palermo. While I kept it simple with black and white, these shoes can easily be paired with skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer for a feminine play on menswear.

While I adore these shoes, for sometime now Naz and I have been lusting over this pair of Jeffrey Campbell Oxford Cutouts. Let the swooning begin...


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