Saturday, August 27, 2011

Decades of Influence

Outfit: Headband - Forever 21 ($4), Skirt - Cotton On ($5), Top - Urban Outfitters ($20), Shoes - Steve Madden ($30)

These linked headbands started hitting the fashion scene months ago, but as I know all to well, seeing them on the runway and in magazines means you probably won't find them in stores for months. Lucky for us, they are now available at Forever 21, H&M, and Cotton On. However, I still haven't seen many people walking around wearing them. I scooped up two of them at Forever 21 recently, one leopard and one tribal. I just can't get enough of them. I have paired them with countless outfits and each time the outfit is completely transformed with this one accessory. I love when one simple item can completely change a look.

What I love about these headbands even more is that they are directly influenced by the fashion of the 20's, however, now they are been manufactured in modern prints. What a fabulous way to incorporate the past and future of fashion. Now, if you guys aren't completely getting the 20's influence take a look at these photos:

In the 1920's Paul Poiret was fashions "It" designer. He is accredited for being the Picasso of fashion in the roaring 20's, getting most of his influence from oriental muses. He made these 1920's turbans a fashion statement and you can clearly see the similarity between the turbans and the headband. Both coming to a peak and appearing knotted. The first picture in this series I found on, showing the influence the 1920's in the Fall Louis Vuitton Collection.

If you want to take the look one step further, go for the actual turban. Trendsetters like Rachel Zoe and SJP have already been seen sporting the vintage-trendy look. I, personally, love it. Its unique, interesting and chic. I know if I stumble upon the perfect turban out there, I'd love to create some outfits.


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