Friday, August 5, 2011

Niles Flea Market Treasures

It's that time of year again! For anyone who is from Fremont or Lives in Fremont now, chances are you are well aware of the Niles Flea Market every year in August. It is honestly one of my favorite things Fremont has to offer. Being the oldest and most historic place in Fremont (Charlie Chaplin used to reside here!), Niles is home to countless antique and vintage clothing shops. During the flea market once a year, antique vendors from all over the Bay Area set up shop on Niles Blvd. to sell their treasures.

Last year, I was on the prowl for a cameo necklace. I had seen a few at a couple stores, but with the flea market right around the corner I knew I'd be able to find a vintage piece. Sure enough, I found the PERFECT gold vintage cameo and it only set me back $8. I was also lucky enough to find this beautiful vintage gold beaded bag. In such perfect condition, this bag is the perfect element to a cornucopia of outfits. The price? $15!

Come on guys, you can't even beat these prices at Forever 21. I just recently saw a beaded bag there for $24.95 (one of the more expensive items in the store).

I recommend stopping by the Niles Flea Market to anyone who is in the Bay Area Sunday, August 28. You really never know what goodies you may find! And vintage accessories are so unique, you know only you will have it.

Click HERE to view the Niles website.

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  1. I love this outfit :) great shirt & those wedges are fabulous!!

  2. I love flea markets! I recently bought a really old sewing machine for 20 Euros and it is working perfectly. It's more than 70 years old! :) And a friend of mine found a Bottega Veneta bag and bought it for one Euro. We first thought it MUST be a fake, but we had it checked at a shop and they said that's no fake, oh my god! There are so many treasures to find... Sometimes people just don't know what they're actually selling! Great outfit by the way!! :)

  3. awwwww this is adorable!!! love it darling!

  4. Your outfit is super cute!


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