Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Friends Through the Good, Bad and Dwindling Bank Accounts

Moving from San Diego meant leaving some of my best friends. Whether they are still in San Diego or 30 minutes away, I don't get to see their lovely faces everyday.

My roommate, Naz (pictured above in three photos), lived with me in San Diego for two years. As if our fashion addiction wasn't bad enough when we met, living together only added fuel to the fire. It was two bodies in one apartment constantly reading fashion blogs, magazines and searching for our next MUST-HAVE item. And once one of us had to have it, so did the other. Our closets are basically identical.

People would always ask, "Why don't you guys buy one item and then share it?"

Our reply:

"Well it's not like we will live together forever!" Little did we know that time came too soon.

I've pictured some of our memorable fashion moments.
From the top:
- SD Pride Festival
- 80's Neon Party (Me and Kelly)
- Lips
- 20's Glam Themed Sorority Formal

I'm just going to mention quickly our picture from the 20's Glam Formal. We both found these incredible flower clips to wear and paired them with nude hue dresses. The flowers are definitely not something you would wear everyday, but there is no fashion without risk, and with our final outfits the flowers worked perfectly. In fact, Naz and I believe the piece we found at Forever 21 for $12 was inspired by Miranda Kerr's headpiece in the photo below.

What do you think?

Click HERE to see Naz's blog.

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  1. aww. The 2 girls who made my love for fashion, turn into a passion. :) You both are inspiring me to get my blog started. Being so far away Im going to miss aweing at your outfits every time we hung out. Now I have to see them online like everybody else.

    P.S. I'm honored to be in one of the photos! <3


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