Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Long and Short of It...

Outfit: Bag - H&M ($30), Nude Heels - Forever21 ($20), Skirt - Forever 21 ($17.80),
Bow - American Apparel ($12), Wood Cross - Forever 21 ($4)

Oh the phases skirts have been through. I try to forget the times in high school when I wore my jean and floral skirts low on my hips. And of course they were paired with a short tight tee. I just keep telling myself, "that was the style back then". The past few years I have been collecting countless high-waisted, short, A-line skirts and I absolutely love them. They can be dressed up or down. I practically live in them during the summer.

More recently, longer skirts have been making a comeback. I'm really loving the look of them, but for a time I was having trouble finding them at the right price. A couple days ago I found this really cute pleated one for only $18 from Forever 21. I feel like the cream color is so girly and fresh I just had to pair it with a floral top and bow. I must admit also that I am currently waiting on another sheer maxi skirt coming in the mail. It's safe to say, (at least for the moment) I'm hooked on this style.

Now, I know many people might shy away from this look (after all, we are creatures of habit), but I would really love to know how you all feel about the longer ankle and floor length skirts. Are you on the hunt for them?

Let me know below!

If you want a longer skirt now, here are a couple options:

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2. Take the plunge with this American Apparel option for $58.00. Click HERE to view.


  1. This is beautifully girlie!! I love those long skirts and you wear them so well!!

  2. Love the way that skirt looks on you! But that length wouldnt be flattering on my short frame-so its even maxi length with heels or minis



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