Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Never Say Never - Jean on Jean

I will admit, I'm sure people have heard me say, years ago, "I would NEVER be caught wearing jean on jean." Well as I've matured both in life and fashion, I have learned to no longer say "never" (in both life and fashion).

I bought this jean jacket about a year ago with the intention of wearing it with floral dresses, for example like the maxi dress below, however, while leaving the house on an impromptu trip to the dog park I grabbed this jacket and was out the door. And then I realized how much I loved it with these much lighter wash jean shorts. Now, I'm not recommending you go out and buy a matching jean top and bottoms, but I think that contrasting jean washes such as my pairing above can be a great casual look.

I also particularly love it with a white shirt like my Marie Antoinette one above (a gift from Naz). It's sort of like a twist on the classic jean and white tee look.

Oh, and just a tip:
You can always find second-hand jean jackets at thrift shops for a great deal!

Outfit: Jacket - Old Navy ($30), Top - Coco de Ceour ($35), Shorts - Forever 21 ($20), Sandals - Target ($15)

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  1. cute outfit!! love the feather!!!


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