Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Playing Favorites With Your Clothes

Photo Credit - Andrew Arnold (

Outfit: Pink Short - Old Navy ($15), Top - Forever 21 ($18), Belt - American Eagle ($30), Wristlet - Vintage ($15), Gold Leaf Necklace - Vintage ($3)

Have you ever purchased something you really liked, but when you took it home somehow it got pushed in the back of your closet? Therefore, it rarely got worn? Because I am a "clothing collector" (like that term? It makes me feel a little better about my addiction) this happens to me way too much. However, I have made a conscious effort to put playing favorites with my clothing behind me. Because, after all, they are all beautiful. 

Which brings me to these pink shorts. I purchased them about a year and a half ago at Old Navy and unfortunately for the past year they haven't gotten the attention they deserve. Sometimes during the summer I get so stuck in wearing my jean cut-offs that it ends up limiting me. When moving, packing and unpacking, I realized all the adorable items I wasn't wearing nearly enough. It almost felt like I had gotten something new. 

Now I realize these short go with so many items I have in my closet (and my moms hehe). I've paired them with this great suede scalloped top I have "borrowed" from my Mom. One of the many perks of moving home, besides saving money, is that my moms closet is like a store that is always open. I am very lucky to have a Mom with a keen eye for fashion. 

So, the moral of the story? I encourage you all to look in the depths of your closet for those items getting little to no attention, pull them out, put them on and take them out to play. If it's something you haven't seen in a while you may get the rush of buying something new! And what a lovely feeling that is.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Niles Flea Market Finds

There is no way around it. Thrifting and vintage shopping takes time. This past weekend was the annual Niles Antique Fair and it was such a successful day. As you can see in the photos, Main Street was filled with vendors selling both junk and treasures. A lot of times when you walk up to one of these tents or even a thrift store, the feeling is overwhelming. There is so much stuff and at first glance, everything looks like junk. When thrifting or going to an antique fair like this you HAVE to be dedicated to spending time looking through everything, because I promise you there will be some diamonds in the rough.

On Sunday at the fair, I probably walked main street three or four times. And each time i found something I had missed before. It is so exciting finding items hidden in junk. Its like buried treasure. I decided to photograph my booty from the day and share my finds with all my readers. Stay tuned for pictures of how I incorporate these items into my everyday outfits. Okay, here we go...

1. Old Coins - .10 each (total $1.00): I bought these coins with the intent to make a great bracelet or necklace. I'll start the project this week :)

2. Old Brass Key - $6: I fell in love with this key when I saw it. Its lovely looking and would look great hung around my neck. I am thinking of buying those velvet ropes to use as a chain because it is quite heavy.

3. Vintage Scalloped Gloves - $4: How cute are these? They were my first purchase of the day and one of my favorites. They are incredibly soft and real leather to boot.

4. Gold Watch - $2: I bought this watch at the very end of the day on my last walk down. It was marked for $35, but as I was looking at it the owner simply said "You can have it for $2". SOLD!

5. Western Leather Wristlet - $15: I have to give credit to my friend Megan for finding this wristlet hidden behind vases and frames. Luckily, she was looking more for an actual purse and pointed the item out to me. I really love this wristlet because it's unique and its great for a casual day. Plus, Calvin Klein's new fall line contains many western items. I'm positive the look will be big in Fall.
6. Gold Leaf Necklace - $3: Once again this was an end of the day item that I got for a steal!

7. Vintage 1920's Dress - $25: I know this dress doesn't look like much on the hanger, but worn it is just so beautiful. The owner told me she bought a trunk at an old estate sale and hidden inside were all these vintage clothes. It is amazing I was able to get it for only $25, because items from the 20's like this in San Francisco sell for well over $100. I can't wait to show you all how this dress looks on! With all this vintage items, I can't help but wonder who wore them before me? What adventures did they have in them? Maybe they fell in love wearing this dress? It makes the items all that much much special :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Every Girl Loves A Bargain

Outfit: LBD - LC for Kohls ($28), Red Heels - Jessica Simpson ($20), Blazer - Cotton On ($30).

One of my style icons has always been Lauren Conrad from MTV's, The Hills. She's classic while at the same time always keeping up with the latest trends. So, when she came out with the LC line at Kohls I was beyond excited. Not only is the line cute and well made, the items at Kohls are ALWAYS on sale. If you look online all these cute items featured below are not only on sale, but in-store there is always an additional 20%, 30% or 40% off. Take it one step further and Kohls always has coupons online or in the newspaper for a certain percentage off your purchase. It's really a great bargain for well made clothing!

In the pictures above I am wearing a LBD I got at Kohls this past spring for $28 (originally priced at $70). My favorite this about this simple black dress is the detail! It has a sweetheart neckline under the sheer and very cute ruffles at the bottom. These details make a simple black dress into something interesting and different. I've paired it with one of my favorite blazers and red heels. I love this blazer because it can be casual and dressy depending on the occasion.

Check out these LC item in Kohls stores now! All under $50 (not counting the additional discounts you can receive). To see her whole line click HERE.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Decades of Influence

Outfit: Headband - Forever 21 ($4), Skirt - Cotton On ($5), Top - Urban Outfitters ($20), Shoes - Steve Madden ($30)

These linked headbands started hitting the fashion scene months ago, but as I know all to well, seeing them on the runway and in magazines means you probably won't find them in stores for months. Lucky for us, they are now available at Forever 21, H&M, and Cotton On. However, I still haven't seen many people walking around wearing them. I scooped up two of them at Forever 21 recently, one leopard and one tribal. I just can't get enough of them. I have paired them with countless outfits and each time the outfit is completely transformed with this one accessory. I love when one simple item can completely change a look.

What I love about these headbands even more is that they are directly influenced by the fashion of the 20's, however, now they are been manufactured in modern prints. What a fabulous way to incorporate the past and future of fashion. Now, if you guys aren't completely getting the 20's influence take a look at these photos:

In the 1920's Paul Poiret was fashions "It" designer. He is accredited for being the Picasso of fashion in the roaring 20's, getting most of his influence from oriental muses. He made these 1920's turbans a fashion statement and you can clearly see the similarity between the turbans and the headband. Both coming to a peak and appearing knotted. The first picture in this series I found on, showing the influence the 1920's in the Fall Louis Vuitton Collection.

If you want to take the look one step further, go for the actual turban. Trendsetters like Rachel Zoe and SJP have already been seen sporting the vintage-trendy look. I, personally, love it. Its unique, interesting and chic. I know if I stumble upon the perfect turban out there, I'd love to create some outfits.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blood Orange

Outfit: Skirt - H&M, Top - Forever 21 ($14), Clog Heels - Target ($6)

Have you ever eaten a blood orange? While the taste is fantastic, the color is probably the most intriguing part of the fruit. This skirt was given to me for Christmas from Naz and it is truly a fabulous piece. My favorite part is the color. It may look red but, in person, it actually has an orange hue. Much like the beautiful color of blood oranges.

I love pairing this skirt with both casual and dressy heels for day and night looks. A few days ago, I spent sometime with my cousins at my Uncle's house. While he has had a bocce ball court in his backyard forever, I had never learned to play. We spent the day having some fun, family competition. This probably wasn't the best bocce ball outfit, but I truly believe one can never be too dressed up. After all,

The best accessory you can pair with an outfit is confidence.
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